Tuesday, May 10, 2011

P is For...

POISON IVY! When I think of Poison Ivy I think of that weird Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn dynamic that seems to work also how much I hated the movie Batman and Robin. 

O is For...

OSWALD! Oswald the poor bunny that was kicked to the curb because big business got in the way but hey it worked out great for Mickey.

N is for...

NIGHTWING! sorry folks between scanner difficulties and being sick it was hard getting back on track. Thanks to Frost for posting up my sketches while I was out of town. So here we have Nightwing in my opinion makes a great Batman I like the role reversal they got going on where Batman is now the lighthearted funny one and Robin is way too serious at times.

O is for Otto Octavius!!!!!!

Hey gang!

Back again with the letter "O"! I decided to draw up Sean Galloway's version of Otto Octavius! Hope you enjoy!

- Josh

Sunday, May 8, 2011

N is for Nemo!!!

Hey gang!

Back again for my next post and this one is of the lovable Pixar character Nemo! I saw a cool pic of him like this online and new I had to do it up for the "N" post! Hope y'all likes!!

- Josh

M is for Mario and Mr. Incredible!!

Sorry there a little late but here is are "M" Sketches!
Mario by Frosty

Mr. Incredible by Meek


Friday, May 6, 2011

Sluff'n once again!

Hey gang, I got a couple drawing I got to make up for! Real sorry for the delay! Been swamped with work and livin off what feel like no sleep! Update here in a day or so! Sorry!

- Josh